Alla France and the Environment

Environment and quality of work

Our children's world is the world which we prepare for them today.

For us, the subject of the environment is not merely an opportune manner of doing business. The environment signifies more for us and is a philosophical perspective in harmony with the quality of living.

This sentiment, above all, is what you will experience and what will contribute to your decision in taking interest in our line of "environmentally friendly" products.


Our thermometers without mercury
When consulting the catalogue section dedicated to our BIOTEMP ® thermometers,  (without mercury) you can see that they already respond to  

many applications.


  is a registered trade mark of ALLA FRANCE protected in the World.

Our lead free hydrometers
Despite regulations still authorizing the use of lead in ballast hydrometers, and given the dangers it poses, we chose to eliminate its use. Ballast instruments which contain lead or similar alloys are no longer manufactured in our workshops.

Accident prevention at work

Even though our production site entails minimal need for this obligation, we have adopted a system of work risk prevention and of waste sorting and reprocessing.

Quality of work
Ensuring a safe, clean and happy workplace is one of our main concerns, and the foundation on which we have built our employee engagement.

Our catalogues are printed on paper containing  recycled fiber and /or  FSC fiber  (Forest Stewardship Council) 


 For mercury reprocessing and treatment from our broken thermometers,  click here


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