ASTM Thermometers No Mercury












These thermometers are manufactured according to the official standard ASTM E2251. (Standard Specifications for Liquid-in-Glass ASTM thermometers with Low-hazard precision liquids).The thermometers are filled with
a special blue organic liquid, a lot less toxic than mercury.


At the back of the thermometer, you will find the ASTM reference, the use and the ASTM method. 






Thermo-Hydrometers ASTM equivalent
No Mercury









The specifications of these thermos-hydrometers

are exactly the same as the ones required
by the standard ASTM E100.
The only difference with these ASTM normalized
thermos-hydrometers is the liquid used to fill the thermometers. For this new “non-mercury” range,

we have filled our instruments with an organic

& non-toxic BLUE LIQUID. A lot less toxic than mercury, but this liquid is no longer normalized.

On the scale of the hydrometer we mention

the official standard, the calibration temperature,

the surface tension, the individual number, the batch number

and our BIOTEMP® logo.




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