European Standardized Thermometers
ISO 653 - DIN 12775 - NF 35502 - BS 5074

ISO 653 - DIN 12775 - NF 35502 - BS 5074
MRA Traceable Thermometers.
These standardized thermometers are manufactured using a type N 16 Sodocalcique glass used has a diameter of about 6-7 mm.
They feature a special ring/hook that can be clipped on the glass, patented by Alla France.
The colour of the glass is standardised in yellow giving a much better reading than the white back, mainly for mercury filled thermometers. This is a quality choice even if the white glass is usually less expensive than yellow.

Graduation lines are fine and easily readable. The graduation is printed and fused in the glass with a special process. The graduation resists to all chemical products except fluoridric acid and hot soda (to a lesser extent) because these 2 products attack the glass. Even if you can feel a relief when touching the graduation, the thermometer is not engraved.
They possess a suspension ring and an expansion chamber to support temperatures higher than those of the thermometer.

They are calibrated for total immersion. Some references are also available with partial immersion, upon request.

Every standard thermometer has an individual number printed on the back. This number is stocked in our data base and fully traceable to our official masters, regularly controlled and traceable in over 68 countries worldwide .

Delivered with Conformity and Traceability Certificate.
On request, can be supplied with "EU" Traceable Calibration Certificate or "EO" Official Calibration Certificate
Available Products
5900.001-qpSTL1 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.002-qpSTL2 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.003-qpSTL3 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.004-qpSTL4 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.005-qpSTL5 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.006-qpSTL6 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.007-qpSTL7 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.008-qpSTL8 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.009-qpSTL9 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.010-qpSTL10 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.011-qpSTL11 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.012-qpSTL12 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.013-qpSTL13 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.014-qpSTL14 - ISO 653 Thermometer
5900.015-qpSTL15 - ISO 653 Thermometer

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