Hand Held Refractometers - In aluminum - Red Line

These refractometers made in ALUMINIUM, are much lighter than our standard refractometers.
Some references have a BACKLIGHT on the prism cover, for an easy reading in dark places.
Each refractometer is calibrated and adjusted to measure at 20°C (68°F).
Models with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC between +10 and +30 °C) are suitable for applications where the temperature of the samples vary.
All these refractometers have adjustable focus, easy to read numbers for good resolution and zero adjustment screw for calibration.
In red box, with cloth, screwdriver, pipette and pocket case.
Available Products
95400-0020-32% Brix - Refractometer very light - wide range of application In aluminum - Red Line for fruit juices, preserves, compotes ... With automatic...
95400-0010-25 % Vol / 0-20 °Bé - Refractometer very light - for wine industry. In aluminum - Red Line To measure sugar in moust and potential...
95500-0020-32% Brix - Refractometer with Backlight - wide range of application In aluminum very light - Red Line For fruit juices, preserves, compotes ......
95500-0010-25 % Vol / 0-20 °Bé - Refractometer with Backlight for wine industry. In aluminum very light - Red Line To measure isugar in moust and...

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