U.S.A. Standardized Thermometers

A.S.T.M is an American standard.
NIST,MRA,GOST traceable A.S.T.M. thermometers.
These thermometers are manufactured according to the latest specifications of ASTM Standard E2251 -14 (Standard Specifications for Liquid-in-Glass ASTM Thermometers with Low-Hazard Precison Liquids)

Solid stem in yellowglass giving a much better reading than the white back, with a BLUE SPECIAL liquid .

Graduation lines are fine and easily readable.
The measurement scale is fused into the glass with a special manufacturing process makes it completely indelible and very resistant to chemical agents exept fluoridric acid and hot soda (to a lesser extent) because these 2 products attack the glass. Even if you can feel a slight relief on the glass, the thermometer is not engraved.

Every A.S.T.M. thermometer has an individual number printed on the back. This number is stocked in our data base and fully traceable to our Official Masters regularly controlled and traceable in over 68 countries worldwide.

The A.S.T.M thermometer is fully marked on the back with the ASTM number, the purpose and ASTM method. If an A.S.T.M thermometer has an equivalent I.P, both standards are printed on the back of the instrument.

Delivered with Conformity and Traceability Certificate.
On request, can be supplied with "EU" Traceable Calibration Certificate or "EO" Official Calibration Certificate
The A.S.T.M thermometer with Traceable Calibration Certificate are checked at the specified points in the standard.
Available Products
# item +
serie range unit div. immersion applications IP corres. lenght mm package
ASTM S5C Blue Liquid
5850.005-qp S5C -38+50 °C 1 108 mm Cloud and Pour - 259 QP
ASTM S12C Blue Liquid
5850.012-qp S12C -20+102 °C 0.2 TOT Density-Wide Range - 440 QP
ASTM S15C Blue Liquid
5850.015-qp S15C -2+80 °C 0.2 TOT Low Softening Point - 397 QP
ASTM S18C Blue Liquid
5850.018-qp S18C +34+42 °C 0.1 TOT Reid vapour point - 300 QP
ASTM S22C Blue Liquid
5850.022-qp S22C +95+103 °C 0.1 TOT Oxidation Stability - 300 QP
ASTM S56C Blue Liquid
5850.056-qp S56C +19+35 °C 0.02 TOT Bomb Calorimeter - 616 QP
ASTM S58C Blue Liquid
5850.058-qp S58C -34+49 °C 0.5 TOT Tank - 302 QP
ASTM S59C Blue Liquid
5850.059-qp S59C -18+82 °C 0.5 TOT Tank - 302 QP
ASTM S62C Blue Liquid
5850.062-qp S62C -38+2 °C 0.1 TOT Precision - 406 QP
ASTM S63C Blue Liquid
5850.063-qp S63C -8+32 °C 0.1 TOT Precision - 406 QP
ASTM S64C Blue Liquid
5850.064-qp S64C +25+55 °C 0.1 TOT Precision - 406 QP
ASTM S65C Blue Liquid
5850.065-qp S65C +50+80 °C 0.1 TOT Precision - 406 QP
ASTM S66C Blue Liquid
5850.066-qp S66C +75+105 °C 0.1 TOT Precision - 406 QP
ASTM S67C Blue Liquid
5850.067-qp S67C +95+155 °C 0.2 TOT Precision - 406 QP
ASTM S91C Blue Liquid
5850.091-qp S91C +20+50 °C 0.1 76 mm Solidification Point - 395 QP
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